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Dogs Ice Cream Available Here"Doggy Ice Cream" will soon be available in a number of very special dog friendly venues in West and East Sussex. We've spent a lot of time checking out the best Doggy Destinations in the South East and we're delighted that from next month some great places will be serving our ice cream to the dogs that visit.

Ice Cream For Dogs At House of HugoWe're very pleased to be providing Doggy Ice Cream (and other goodies) for the relaunch of the south coast's most exclusive dog hotel, The House of Hugo. We'll be there on Saturday 20th Feb for their open day too. Come along if you'd like to sample our Doggy Ice Cream (your human can come too).


Ice Cream For Dogs

Dogs love ice cream but the ice cream that's made for us humans is not always good for a dog's more sensitive stomach.

That's where Waggy Doggy Doodah's  Doggy Ice Cream comes in.

Doggy Ice Cream

All of our doggy ice cream recipes are designed to be dog friendly. Not only are they irresistible to a dog's senses of smell and taste but these 100% natural frozen treats are made in the UK with fresh fruit and veg and other yummy ingredients that dogs just can't get enough of.

There's no refined sugar and with no artificial flavours, no artificial colours and no artificial preservatives, our Doggy Ice Cream just contains loads of stuff that doggies love.

For more on our natural ingredients and recipes, click here...

Dogs With Ice Cream

Because it's a very special treat, our Doggy Ice Cream is stocked only by carefully selected "Doggy Destinations" - the sort of venues that don't just tolerate dogs but welcome them with open arms. They also all have great "walkies" close by. 

Click here for more on Doggy Destinations and our selection criteria...